Just show them your smile

show them your smile    Be nice to them, and make them feel safe. Then you can easily train them. Because they will listen to you without hesitation.
Teach them to say…

PLEASE; when asking for something

THANK YOU; when something is given to them

I AM SORRY; when they wrong their colleagues
Just hold on to these, and you’re well on a right path in bringing up bright & brilliant kids. INSHA ALLAH
But don’t forget to get a learned person to teach them Al-Qur’an & Hadith; if you’re not learned in these fields yourself. Withdraw them from schools where they are being bullied; even Islamic schools. Else these schools will damage your kids.
How will you know if they are being bullied in school either by their teacher or colleague…? NONSENSE, don’t you interact with your kids when they come home from school?

Hmmmmm you’re very stupid, what kind of parent are you who doesn’t play or discuss issues with kids…?

Frequently have conversations with kids at their level; it should not be you giving them instructions all the time. Allow them to feel they are teaching you something you too don’t know.
I bet you, these kids teach me things I didn’t learn back in primary school. Remember, always be the friend they feel excited to be with and think you’re also a kid….😀😀😀
Yunus Hassan; Volunteer Assistant Imam responsible for mentoring the children. ALHAMDULILLAH

He is not of us, he who does not have mercy with children

–Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Ignorance is a difference
Allah is with us. ALHAMDULILLAH

#Sallam #Peace


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