DON’T go to Church

    They are not following the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. But they're worshiping according to the Gospels of Paul, John, Mark, Luke, Matthew and other NONSENSE... Their worship is tailored by human opinions & suggestions. IGNORANCE A Book revealed unto thee (Muhammad SAW),- So let thy heart be oppressed no more by any … Continue reading DON’T go to Church


Star of the youth

    We are the next generation of Scholars; not just on religion, but on all aspects of life. How...? Because we are students of Al-Qur'an; which is the Constitution/manual from Allah (God) to humanity & jinn.  ISLAM is the solution for humanity & jinn. ISLAM; submission to Allah (God)'s Will Let there be no … Continue reading Star of the youth


Friend of the Prostitutes & Porn Stars

    As a Servant of Allah (God), I am forbidden to discriminate, insult, nor chastise anyone; even armed robbers, thieves, prostitutes, fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, porn stars, etc... I am only commanded to stand firm against their disease not their persons. Everyone will enter Paradise even the evil people and people with dirty behaviours; as long … Continue reading Friend of the Prostitutes & Porn Stars